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 A-Track Media is your one stop shop for everything related to audio/visual production. We are ready to listen to your needs and deliver quality content what ever your project may be.


Video Production

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Fly High!

We are licensed drone operators and can take your videos to new heights!


That's Sharp!

Equipped with the latest in high resolution cameras, we are able to deliver stunning FullHD or Cinema 4K videos for your projects.

Eric + Kristen Wedding

Eric + Kristen Wedding

Here is part of a wedding video shot for a lovely couple in summer 2018.

Oceansurf Camping

OceanSurf Campground Promotional Video

This is a promotional video shot during the 2017 camping season at OceanSurf Campground.


Music production

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Music to your ears!

Equipped with amazing gear, audio production is a breeze.


A Great Place For Music!

Our quality music videos will make you sound and look GREAT! 

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Travis Cormier's Always

This cover of Bon Jovi's Always was performed by Travis Cormier in the midst of his debut at Quebec's version of The Voice. This video skyrocketed to 1 million views in just a few months.

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Josiane Comeau's Imagine

A touching rendition of a classic song by John Lennon.


Laurie Leblanc's Five Course Meal

Directed by Laurie Leblanc, Jason Ouellette and Rémi Poirier, this music video " J'ai pas été élevé au Five Course Meal " by Laurie Leblanc was an instant hit. It was in nomination for music video of the year by Music NB in 2017

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Marco Sylver's Summer Life

A real blast at the beach last summer with Marco Sylver!

Photograph taken by   Janik Robichaud Photo

Photograph taken by Janik Robichaud Photo

About us

My name is Rémi Poirier and I am the founder of A-Track Media. I am a 18 year old musician and videographer who loves being behind the camera and computer producing for others. Creating this kind of art is incredibly fulfilling for me. I love starting out with a client, try to understand their vision to the best of my ability and then capture it while adding my style so that at the end of the project, we have created something that is completely unique.

My passion for music started at a very young age when my father was in a band called Macédoine. My whole life I was surrounded by musical instruments and all sorts of cool gadgets that sparked creativity inside of me. From local artists to local businesses, I have worked on more than 200 projects over the past few years including audio production, video production, photography, promotional services, weddings and more.



The mission is simple ; Deliver stellar visual and sonar content to our clients.

I look forward to working with you.

Email : atrackmedia@gmail.com  

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